Legend of the Tenor

The wild cry of the soul – that’s what the Italians call the tenor’s high c.  For centuries, these singers with the high pitches in their chest voice have been the center of attention in the world of opera – especially in the world of their female admirers: Enrico Caruso or also Mario del Monaco were celebrated like pop stars in their time. When Luciano Pavarotti was still alive, The Three Tenors, for the first time together on stage, appeared at the Italian World Cup Soccer event, like vocal acrobats. But this is a matter of more than just training the physical production of artificial, almost femininely high pitches. A tenor is not idolized until he has achieved the image of the dragon slayer. The legend of the tenor is about more than the desire for an apparent incompatibility, opposites like compassion and heroic determination, or tenderness and strength. The 52-minute film, which is being produced for ARTE/WDR, sets out for a dicovery tour with today’s tenors, like Peter Seiffert, Jonas Kaufmann, Klaus Florian Vogt, Vittorio Grigolo or Joseph Calleja, to seek the never changing fascination with the high voiced heros.