Making of Ballo

Directed by a star tenor - or, is it just another advertising gimmick? The extremely versatile José Cura has studied the piano, composing and conducting; he plays rugby and worked as a fitness trainer - but, can he really direct an opera? The attractive Argentinian is usually at his most successful when personally appearing on stage. Even though the ladies only officially swoon over his voice, a "lyric-dramatic tenor with a smooth baritone foundation" it's actually the rest of him they swoon over as well. Maybe it will even help him in his directorial debut... The entertaining documentary "Making of Ballo" accompanies Josè Curas as he charms his way from the first rehearsal to the premier at the Cologne Opera; teaching the cast his manner of interpreting a role, wins over the crew and ultimately stages a gripping and truly magnificent production of Giuseppe Verdi's "A Masked Ball".