The Eco-House for Economists

What started out as a small village chemist's became a global pharmaceuticals concern employing 4,100 people. Now they want to help students become just as successful: the former owners of Schwarz-Pharma (the Schwarz-Schütte family) have bequeathed the city of Düsseldorf a 40 million Euro Oeconomicum. Its name indicates the many facets of the generous gift and graces a modern, ecologically friendly and transparent glass construction that will house the economics students of the Heinrich Heine University. The project has been designed by the renowned architect Christoph Ingenhoven (Stuttgart 21). A newly established chair is also part and parcel of the bequest. 41-year-old Professor Justus Haucap will now lead the department of competition studies. In his spare time, he advises the German chancellor as head of the Monopolies Commission.