The Meistersinger

At 30 years of age, Klaus Florian Vogt leads a stable, middle-class existence: he is horn player for life with the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra and lives with his family of four in a small town in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The predictability of his life however, terrifies him. When a singing teacher casually says: "You're a tenor. If you like, you can come more regularly and we’ll practice a bit", he feels a deep longing for change. Astrid Bscher’s film “The Meistersinger” is about an international career that developed from an opportunity that many people would have simply let slip. The filmmaker followed the ‘late blooming’ tenor for seven years – keeping track of him as he journeyed between Hamburg, Cologne, Milan, Bilbao, Munic and Bayreuth. The result is a moving and amusing 52-minute long portrait of singing as a path to self-realization.